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Sea Moss Powder

Sea moss extract is a thixotropic gel, which can be used as gelling, emulsifying or thickening agent in personal care and cosmetic products. Irish Moss Extract has an antibacterial effect.




Irish Moss Extract is a water soluble extract produced from the algae Chondrus crispus (also know as Carrageen, Fucus crispus or Lichen irlandicus). As an algae, Irish Moss is mostly mucilages and proteins.


  1. Anticoagulant;
  2. Prevent the growth of cancer celles;
  3. Inhibit the replication of several coated virus;
  4. Regulate cholesterol and triglyceride;
  5. Anti-oxidant and radiation protection;
  6. Inhibit heavy metal absorption fluctuate;
  7. Can be used for treatment of constipation, abdominal distension and dadma when used with other Chinese medicine;
  8. Boosts metabolism and immune system;
  9. Relieve joint pain and digestive tract;
  10. Provide excellent nutrition and helps control appetite, which is good for weight loss.

Chemical property:

Product NameIrish moss powder
GradePharmaceutical/food/cosmetic grade
Mesh size60-80mesh
Apperanceoff white to light yellow fine powder
Shelf time 2 years
StorageStore in cool and dry places. Keep away from strong light.


  1. In food and beverages area: soups, stews, salad dressings, cheese, dessert, chocolate, smoothies, drinks…
  2. In health care area: anti-cancer, anti-oxidant drugs, nutrition supplement, blood sugar regulation drugs, metabolism and immune system enhancing, anticoagulant…
  3. In cosmetic area: can be used in lotions, creams, shampoo, body wash…


Test Report:

Physical Control
AppearanceRed brown Fine Powdercomplies
Partical size95% pass 80 meshcomplies
Chemical Control
Loss on Drying7% Max.2.58%
Ash20% Max.12.20%
Solvents residueMeet USP standardcomplies
Pesticide residueshould not be detectednot detected
Heavy metals
Pb1.0ppm Max0.80%
As2.0ppm Max1.85%
Cd0.3ppm Max0.08%
Hg0.1ppm Max.0.01%
Microbiological control
Total Plate Count30000cfu/g Max.25000cfu/g Max.
Yeast & Mould1000cfu/g Max475cfu/g Max.
E.ColiNegativeNot detected
SalmonellaNegativeNot detected
StaphylococcusNegativeNot detected
Conclusion The test items comply with company standard.


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