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Copper Peptide/GHK-Cu CAS 49557-75-7

The copper peptide can also effectively prevent acetylcholine substance nerve conduction, so as to relax muscles, improve the dynamic wrinkles and other effects. Tri-peptide has anti-carbonylation, protects collagen from being damaged by active carbon groups, promotes the growth of type III collagen, and also has anti-oxidation and anti-saccharification effects.



Copper peptide is formed by 3 amino acids (glycosyl-L-histopyl-L-lysine), so it is also called tripeptide or blue copper peptide. Tripeptides consist of three amino acids linked by two peptide bonds to form a ternary molecule. Tri-peptide can play a corresponding role by effectively complexing and transporting copper elements. For example, the complexing copper peptides can effectively stimulate the biogenesis of collagen in fibroblasts, so as to promote the fast healing of wounds. Tripeptides act on cells can increase the vitality and production of collagen cells, so as to improve dynamic wrinkles. So tripeptides are now widely used as cosmetic additives.


  1. Anti-wrinkle, anti-aging effect;
  2. Promote hair regrowth;
  3. Wound repair;
  4. Skin remodeling: thicken skin and makes skin elastic and young look;
  5. Heal injure intestinal linings.

Chemical property:

Product namecopper peptide/GHK-Cu
CAS NO.49557-75-7
Molecular formulaC14H24N6O4
Molecular weight340.38
EINECS NO.1592732-453-0
Melting point831.0±65.0 °C
Acidity coefficient (pKA)3.11±0.10
Storage conditionStore at 2-8 °C,keep dry and dark.
Solubilitysoluble in water
Appearanceblue powder


Anti-aging additives for cosmetic products.


Test Report:

AppearanceBlue Powdercomplies
Assay(HPLC)95% min.97.06%
Water content(K.F)≤5.0%2.90%
Amino acid composition±10% of theoreticalcomplies
Copper content8.0-10.0%8.60%
Heavy metals<10ppmcomplies
Identity by MS(GHK)340.5±1340.8
Residual solvents<0.3%0.11
ConclusionThe test items comply with company standard.


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