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Ceramide CAS 100403-19-8

Ceramides are the major part of the intercellular matrix, which plays an important role in maintaining water balance in the stratum corneum.



Ceramides have a strong ability to associate with water molecules and maintain skin moisture by forming a network in the stratum corneum. Therefore, ceramide has the effect of keeping skin moisturized.  Ceramide is the latest moisturizer developed in recent years. It is a water-soluble lipid substance, which is similar to the substance structure of the skin corneous layer. It can penetrate into the skin quickly and combine with the water in the corneous layer to form a network structure to lock in water. Ceramide plays an important role in preventing the release of water and the protection of external stimulation and undertakes the function of protecting the skin and moisturizing. It is frequently reported that ceramides can be used in topical cream products, and prevent skin from allergic skin diseases and melanin brown spots.


  1. Anti-tumor;
  2. Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases;
  3. Anti-inflammatory;
  4. skin beauty effect: moisturize, prevent irritation, anti-sensitive, anti-aging and whitening.

Chemical property:

Product nameCeramides
CAS NO.100403-19-8
Molecular formulaC24H47NO3
Molecular weight397.63488
EINECS NO.309-560-3


5% ceramide
10% ceramide
50% ceramide
98% ceramide
99% ceramide


  1. Skin care products: moisturize, prevent irritation, anti-sensitive, anti-aging, and whitening skin;
  2. Functional foods: anti-tumor and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Test Report:

Assay  98%99.20%
AppearanceWhite PowderComplies
Ash content≤1.0%0.07%
Colony count(cfu/g)≤100<100
ConclusionThe specifications conform with enterprise standards.


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