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Carbomer CAS 9003-01-4

Besides the thickening effect, Carbomer 940 can also protect out skin from irritation, injuries and allergies. As a pharmaceutical ingredient, Carbomer 940 can slso be used to reduce swell and pain on our eyes.




Carbopol 940 is a very important neutrolizer and thickener, which has good stability, water solubility and swellability, widely used in the production of cosmetic products like lotions, creams, gels…

Chemical property:

Product Name: Carbopol 940

Other name: Carbomer 940

Cas No: 9003-01-4

Molecular Formula: C3H4O2

Appearance: Fluffy, White Powder

Melting point: 95°C

Boiling point: 116°C

Density: 1.2g/mLat25°C

Refractive index: n20/D1.442

Flash point: 100°C

Storage temperature: 2-8°C at dry place in well sealed container;

Swellability: Swellable in water and glycerin; after neutralization, swellable in ethanol(95%).

Solubility: Soluble in water.


  • In loose white powder form;
  • Soluble in water;
  • Good swellable in water, glycerin, and ethanol(if neatrolized);
  • Good stability


TypeFeaturesApplicationwater-soluble/ anti-ion0.5% Solution viscosity
Carbomer934Good thickening effect;
High clarity gel;
Stable in high viscosity;
Long rheology, but short in water solution
local drug delivery system; can be used in thick gels, emulsions, and suspensionswater-soluble20000-40000
Carbomer940High viscosity;
High clarity gel;
Short rheology;
Low resistance on lon and shear.
Gels, creamswater-soluble40000-60000
Carbomer941Low viscosity;
High clarity gel;
Long rheology;
Medium resistance on lon and shear.
Gels, lotionswater-soluble4000-11000
Carbomer980Higher viscosity than 940;
High clarity gel;
Short rheology;
Higher resistance on lon and shear(Moisturizing) than 940.
local drug delivery system; can be used in Gels, creamswater-soluble 
Carbomer1342Effective thickening effect;
High clarity gel;
Strong ion-resistance;
Long rheology in the presence of electrolyte;
Low resistance on lon and shear(Mosturizing) than 940.
local drug delivery system; can be used in Gels, creamsAnti-ionic20000-40000

Test Report:

Test ItemRequirementResult
AppearanceFluffy white powderpass
0.2% Aqueous solution viscosity(mPa.s)19000-3000023250
0.5% Aqueous solution viscosity(mPa.s)40000-7000060200
Residual Ethyl Acetate/Cyclohexane(%)≤0.250.096
Residual Acrylic Acid(%)≤0.500.31
0.2% Aqueous solution light transmittance(mPa.s)≥8594
0.5% Aqueous solution light transmittance(mPa.s)≥8595
Heavy Metals(mg/kg)  Hg≤1pass
Heavy Metals(mg/kg)  As≤2pass
Heavy Metals(mg/kg)  Cd≤5pass
Heavy Metals(mg/kg)  Pb≤10pass
Packing density(g/100ml)19.5-23.5pass
Loss on drying(%)≤2pass


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