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BHB CAS 29025-14-7

BHB is known as Beta-Hydroxbutyrate, which is a naturally found ketone produced inside our bodies.



The free fatty acids are then broken down inside the liver. Ketone is a source of fuel many people utilize on a keto-based diet (high fat, moderate protein, and low carb). The benefits of keto diet is that it provides satiety, helps protect against certain diseases, and is a great fuel source for those who cannot tolerate carbohydrates well.


  1. Provide natural direct and efficient energy for the brain and body;
  2. Enhances athletic performance and endurance.
  3. A powerful antioxidant has a potent muscle-sparing effect.
  4. Boost fat burning, increase energy levels.
  5. Improve insulin sensitivity and normalize blood sugar levels.
  6. Control appetite and help lose weight.
  7. Source of necessary minerals/electrolytes along with the ketones.

Chemical property:

Product namebutropium bromide/BHB
CAS NO.29025-14-7
Molecular FormulaC28H38NO4.Br
Molecular Weight532.515
EINECS NO.249-375-4
Melting point166-168°C
Specific rotationD20 -21.7° (c = 0.5 in water)


  1. In the pharmaceutical area: energy enhancing and blood sugar decreasing;
  2. In the health care area: helps lose weight, enhance energy, and form muscles.
  3. Food additives: energy bars or energy drinks for athletes.


Test Report:

AnalysisSpecificationResultTest method
Assay(Extract ratio)NLT 98.0%98.50%Titrimetry
3-hydroxybutyrate acidNLT 90.0%90.56%Titrimetry
MagnesiumNMT 9.0%8.34%Titrimetry
AppearanceWhite crystalline powderCompliesVisual
Loss on drying10% Max2.45%5g/105°C/5hrs
Heavy metals10ppm MaxCompliesAtomic Absorption
Pb3ppm MaxCompliesAtomic Absorption
As1ppm MaxCompliesAtomic Absorption
Cd1ppm MaxCompliesAtomic Absorption
Hg0.1ppm MaxCompliesAtomic Absorption
Total plate count1000cfu/g MaxCompliesAOAC
Yeast & Mold100cfu/g MaxCompliesAOAC
E. ColiNegativeNegativeAOAC


  1. BHB + Sodium – help facilitate muscle contraction and nerve impulses.
  2. BHB + Calcium – Avoid high sodium loads.
  3. BHB + Magnesium –Reduce the risk of magnesium deficiency of trainers and athletes.


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