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Aitafy food ingredients series can be classified into fruits&vegetables powder, food additives, food colorant, food flavoring and other food enhancing products like egg white powder…

Aitafy also offers other food ingredients raw materials you may find in the following chart:

CategoryProduct name
Food AdditivesMatcha powder
Green tea powder
Blue spirulina powder
Butterfly pudding powder
Pumpkin powder
Vegetable powder
Sea moss powder
Strawberry powder
Snow pear powder
Mango powder
Mulberry powder
Blueberry powder
The banana powder
Dragon fruit powder
Seabuckthorn powder
Cantaloupe powder
Watermelon powder
Almond powder
Lemon powder
Arhat fruit powder
Noni fruit powder
Pineapple powder
Guava powder
Apple cider vinegar powder
Apple powder
Kumquat powder
Aconiferous cherry powder
The orange powder
Peach powder
Chinese wolfberry powder
Papaya powder
Kiwi fruit powder
Litchi powder
Grapefruit powder
Blood orange powder
The orange powder
The forest of black cloth
The blackberry powder
Hawthorn powder
Cactus fruit powder
Pomegranate powder
Passion fruit powder
Wild cherry berry powder
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