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In Aitafy chemical products, we have emulsifiers, gels, preservatives, pesticides, cleaning agents, mechanical oil, water treatment, microelement additives, and other Oilfield chemicals…

Aitafy also offers other chemicals raw materials you may find in the following chart:

CategoryProduct name
ChemicalsCarbopol (Carbomer) 940/980
Tetramethyl tetraphenyl trisiloxane
Lubricants base oil
Polylactide granules
Potassium Methyl Siliconate
Nonionic wetting agents
Water repellent chemical
Diffusion Pump Oil
Acetoxy Silicone Sealant
Silicone water repellent
Food/medical/cosmetic/industrial Grade Titanium Dioxide
Personal care/home care/painting/alkaline preservatives
Corrosion inhibitor
Plugging agent
Fracturing fluid
High polymer rubber
Mechanical oil
Water treatment agent
Iodine additive
Calcium additive
Cobalt chloride
Sodium selenate
Pesticide emulsifier
Pesticide synergist
Wet powder additives
Water suspension auxiliaries
Microemulsion additives
Hot air leveling flux
Clean free flux
Wave soldering flux
Cleaning agent
Mixer thinner
Fluorine-free lead tin liquid
Oilfield chemical
Oxalic Acid
Propylene glycol food grade
Calcium Chloride
Pearl Mica Powder Colors
Titanium Dioxide
Carbon Black
Potassium sulfate
Polypropylene glycol
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